My name is Scientology L Ron Hubbard

I am 10 years old

They can't take my dreams Mrs r Hubbard
My mommy is a great singer!

Pet me!

Well invested money
Harry Ross Hubbard Mr and Mrs Ledora May Waterbury
for the relief of harrry ross hubbard
Sometimes i feel i am the poorest boy in Nebraska, My father Harry Ross does not always pay. so the creditors came home to us. Many at School knew

Then i wanted to be the richest world a boy could imagine in – Safe and protected from all the creditors and other potential trouble source PTS.

So i promised myself to be the richest man in the Nebraska, with plenty plenty of money.

I wanted to be strongest in the world – To hold it and to rule it –
Scientology 74488000 Church of Spiritual technology – so i projected the thought lingo –

Some smokescreens and some idea
73507434 trademark – so a projection in thought lingo –

So often often i was alone in this world imagining – here in the dark – just like in the cinema – the cranial bone –

Having the membrane – Holding the dervish in directive
My brother was dead so i decided to never die – and the world would record me body less – just as the sound advice in timed sequence – the s-sense of dash wing –

When i was new here i just used to scream. Until the milky way came to my dream

Me me me Cry & meme in meme sang

What a fool i was then – God by proxy must be the celebrity – claiming an ancient order and finding some old old things from the dead ones & put new words in their heads – But i found out it works

My Mother respect me, how about you?

When you no longer love me i love to spread all your little secrets to the world. My brother was dead but i never felt any sorrow about the things i never knew, and really i never know you,


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I wanted to be Important, i wanted to be a spy, i wanted to be just like Commander Thompson, ok i was ordered to the office of censorship, but did not do anything there really. I was just on my project of intel – sending light & broadcasting Shadow

I saw so many lights – came and broadcasting the shadow – that’s why i wanted to rule the objective
That’s how i found out to place myself behind the objective – and zoom in the motion –

But more importantly i had close contact with intelligence, i was like a spy, as close and near i could get. I was leaking in almost every holy and sacred aspect.

You are all ugly and evil – but i love you all – and i can help you to become better – Here read the handbook for Prehubbard’s

Read Mickey Mouse and i have seemed how H. C. Lewis figured it out with an ancient order and the reborn mail order occultism. To make the size fit in almost al ways – erase the comparison possible.

My mother and minnie cry, mimicry, almost mirror in G – The sucking pushes of the gravity.

Mail Order Gnostic’s of the Century & Creator of the ancient order AMORC

Paul Twitchell invented his Varigai Masters and sold Eckankar blend & ancient. Yo bet

Find things, strip references and be hyper reactive to any critics just as the roots of Christianity and Islam, but re-baptize the hyper reactivity to something else – SP, PTS or blasphemy can go. Never-mind the Islamic black square stone, and the 3 women as the first tellers of god. We rename that to the book of idols – and becoming the celebrity in selling god by proxy. Inch al Lah carte by the meter.

I Served my country with your little ugly secrets – out of loyalty to this proud country and of love to our united states.

Tim-less as function is the illusion of eternal without changing in itself a paradox.